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Ennis City Hall:
115 W. Brown St.
Ennis, Texas 75119
Phone: 972-875-1234

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City Commission:
The City of Ennis has operated under the Commission-Manager form of government since 1956. Policy making and legislative authority are vested in the City Commission, which consists of a Mayor and six (6) City Commissioners. The City Commission is responsible, among other things, for passing ordinances, adopting a budget, appointing committees, and hiring the City Manager, City Secretary and the City Attorney.

The City Commission is elected on a non-partisan basis with individual Commission members elected to two-year staggered terms with three (3) Commission members elected every two (2) years. The Mayor is also elected to two-year terms. Five (5) of the Commission members are elected from their respective single member districts. The Mayor and one remaining Commission member (Mayor Pro Tem) are elected at large.

City Commission Telephone: 972-878-1234, Ext. 2238

Name Position E-mail
Russell Thomas Mayor

Russell Thomas

Matt Walker Mayor Pro Tem

Matt Walker

Jeremie Salik Commissioner
Ward 1

Jeremie Salik

Carolyn C. Frazier Commissioner
Ward 2

Carolyn C. Frazier

Ken Hackney Commissioner
Ward 3

Ken Hackney

Lola Searcy Commissioner
Ward 4

Lola Searcy

Brian Holley Commissioner
Ward 5

Brian Holley

Administrative Officials: The City Commission is responsible for appointing the City Manager, the City Secretary and the City Attorney. The City Manager is responsible for hiring the heads of the City's departments.


Name Title E-Mail
Chuck Ewings City Manager

City Manager

Donna Batchler City Secretary

Donna Batchler

Richard Wilson City Attorney

Richard Wilson

Vacant Municipal Court Judge


John Erisman Police Chief

John Erisman

Jeff Aycock Fire Chief

Jeff Aycock

Chad Wester Fire Marshal Chad Wester
Marty Nelson Economic Development Coordinator

Coordinator - E.E.D.

Robert Bolen Director of Utilities

Robert Bolen

Vacant Director of Public Works

Director - Public Works

Mark Richardson Chief Building Official

Chief Building Official

Chauncy Williams, R.S. Director of Health Services

Chauncy Williams

Diane Kellenberger Human Resources Diane Kellenberger
Andy Wolfe Director of Parks & Recreation

Andy Wolfe

Jessica Diaz Library Director
Phone: 972-875-5360

Jessica Diaz

Gina Rokas Director of Tourism
Phone: 972-878-4748

Gina Rokas

City of Ennis Municipal Airport
Telephone 972-875-4279

Ennis Municipal Airport