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Ennis Regional Medical Center


Ennis Regional Medical Center is very proud to be an affiliate to LifePoint Hospitals, Inc., which manages 49 hospitals.

Ennis Regional Medical Center is conveniently located within a 7-minute drive from any home or business in the City of Ennis. 






  • For additional information contact:

Ennis Regional Medical Center
2201 West Lampasas Street
Ennis, Texas 75119
Phone: 972-875-0900
Fax: 972-875-1844
Email: info@ennisregional.com

F-a-s-t Facts About Ennis Regional Medical Center

 Number of Hospital Beds  60
 Air Emergency Transport Available 24 Hrs. a Day  Yes
 Medical Surgical Unit  Yes
 Skilled Nursing Unit  Yes
 Obstetrics & Women's Health Services  Yes
 Intensive Care Unit  Yes
 Emergency Department  Yes
 Level 1 Nursery  Yes
 Pediatric Services  Yes
 Inpatient & Outpatient Laboratory  Yes
Physical / Speech / Occupational Therapy Yes
Laser Surgery Yes
Endoscopy Lab (GI Lab) Yes
Blood Bank Yes
Inpatient & Outpatient Surgical Services Yes
Outpatient Cardiac Rehab Yes
 Radiology Services 
 General Radiology  Yes
 Mammography  Yes
Cat Scan Unit (64 Slice)  Yes
 MRI Yes

Our Mission

". . .We believe the heart of healthcare is service to others. Our single goal is to provide affordable, accessible, first-rate healthcare that improves the health and well-being of the people we serve and raises the quality of life for all concerned. Working in partnership with communities, we constantly seek to build healthcare systems that are locally focused and nationally recognized as the standard by which community hospitals are judged."

Our Philosophy

".  . . We are solely committed to the development of hospitals and healthcare systems that serve the unique needs of attractive non-urban communities."

Our Pledge is to:

Our Community Commitment

. . . We believe that our community is best served by having the right level of care and professional services available locally. That's why we're committed to providing strong, locally focused care in the community we serve.