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Ennis Industrial Rail Park

The Ennis Industrial Rail Park (176 Acres)

This is a prime location for future industrial growth. This rail-served industrial park is bounded by I-45 and the U.S. Highway 287 Bypass. At a cost of $23 million, this U.S. Highway has opened over 3,000 acres for development

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Location Intersection of I-45 & U.S. Highway 287 Bypass in Ennis
Site Size 176 Total Acres Available
 Inside Ennis City Limits The Ennis Industrial Rail Park (the "Park") real property is fully annexed and is completely located within the city limits of the City of Ennis, Texas.
 Can Be Subdivided Yes

The Park is zoned M-2/ Heavy Manufacturing  by the City of Ennis. The City of Ennis has jurisdiction over the property and controls the permitting and zoning.  

 Road Access


Industrial Class, 44 foot width and 37 foot width, 8 inches thickness, concrete street connecting to the south directly into U.S. Highway 287 Bypass - Ennis and on the east directly into the southbound service road of Interstate 45.

Rail Access


Visit the Dallas Logistics Hub Website

The Union Pacific Railroad provides rail service to the Ennis Industrial Rail Park. The City of Ennis holds the right-of-way to a rail-switching yard [110 pound track] in the Park area including a 1,000 foot run-around side switching track.

Surrounding Land Use

The adjacent property  is occupied by Sterilite Corporation of Texas, Lowe's Home Centers Flatbed  Reload Distribution Center, CVS/pharmacy Texas Warehouse Distribution Center, PetSmart Distribution Center, JTEKT Steering Systems of Texas, LP, ASMO Manufacturing, Inc., Direct Energy Data Services, National Envelope Company and Ennis Extruded Products, Inc. The Park  is zoned as M-2/ Heavy Manufacturing District. The unoccupied available property is currently used as agricultural property.

Price Per Acre

 $60,000 Per Acre

Conditional Land Grant/Loan

The Ennis Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) offers a 20- year, prorated, conditional land grant/ loan to industries making a significant ($10+ million) capital investment and creating a substantial (50+) number of new, full-time jobs. 

The EEDC considers these corporate land grant/ loans on a case-by-case basis only. 

For additional information, please contact the Ennis Economic Development. 

Telephone:  972.878.1234 (Ext. 2237)

Fax:  972.875.9086     P.O. Box 220     Ennis, Texas  75120

Electronic mail to: ennisedd@ennis-texas.com

 Features Excellent access to major interstate highway network (the Park is located 55 seconds drive time from I-45); direct access to Union Pacific Railroad; D/FW International Airport located only 55 minutes drive time; vast workforce availability with 2.9+ million workers found in the D/FW Metroplex.
Utilities Available

ONCOR Electric Delivery owns the electric infrastructure.  Dual-feed electric power is provided to the Park. 

A 23 Megawatt electric power sub-station owned by ONCOR Electric Delivery is located in the Park. 

Electricity is provided by the electric retailer of choice. Service: 12.5 kVA, 138 kV; 3-Phase Electric Service


City of Ennis owns the infrastructure and provides the service. (Looped water system) 

Water Mains: 12" & 16" ;  Fire Hydrants: 35; GPM: 1,400 - 1,600; Static: 82-92 PSI; Residual : 66-78 PSI.


City of Ennis owns the infrastructure and provides the service.  

 Wastewater Main: 6"; Lift Stations: 250 GPM & 500 GPM; Force Mains: 6"

Natural Gas

ATMOS Energy Corporation owns the infrastructure. Natural gas is provided by ATMOS Energy. 

Service:  4" &  6" Mains, 60 PSI

Contact Information

 Name of Contact  Steve Howerton
Organization Ennis Economic Development Department
 Address  PO Box 220   Ennis, TX  75120
 Telephone 972.878.1234
Fax 972.875.9086
 E-Mail admin@ennis-texas.com
 Web Site www.ennis-texas.com